Custom Braided Rugs

Braided Area Rugs - Old Fashioned Comfort

Braided area rugs
are fantastic types of floor coverings that add interest and comfort to any room in your home. These rugs have been around for hundreds of years, making their patterns and shapes most commonly associated with old fashioned themes. If you have a historic home that you are trying to restore to its former glory, consider using a braided area rug as your main floor covering. In addition to providing your room with color and style, this rug is sure to warm up even the coldest floors. Braided area rugs are now available commercially through a variety of quality manufacturers so you can save your fingers from braiding yards and yards of fabric.

Custom Braided Rugs

If you are interested in using braided area rugs in your home, consider investing a bit more money into the project and choose a custom braided area rug. These custom rugs are made to a specific size and use a specific combination of colors that will be fit into the shape and décor of your room. A custom braided rug is a fantastic addition to any kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living space, entry way, or any other room in your home. Furthermore, most custom braided rugs are incredibly durable and easy to clean by a simply washing the rugs so that you can keep your home spic and span.

Braided wool rugs are typically the standard, but chenille rugs are quickly becoming more and more popular. Instead of the itchy feeling of wool, chenille has a fantastically luxurious feeling that will have you kicking off your socks and shoes in record time. This fabric is also old fashioned, so it will fit into the theme and era of your home’s design.



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