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Area Rug Pads – Important And Necessary

Area rug pads are the most often overlooked item associated with area rugs. These pads area generally displayed on the end of an aisle in your local home improvement warehouse or stored in a cast-aside box in your local rug shop, but these rug pads are incredibly important and necessary for your home. Many individuals believe that rug pads are simply another item that needs to be purchased, but these area rug pads serve a worthwhile purpose and may even be capable of preventing you or something in your family from having a potentially hazardous accident.

Why Rug Pads?

The main purpose of area rug pads is to keep your area rugs from slipping and sliding all over the floor. Regardless of the type of flooring that you have in your home, there are special types of floor pads available to keep your area rugs secure. There are even special rug pads available for rugs that will sit atop carpet. Anyone who has tripped or fallen over a bunched up area rug that has shifted on a carpeted floor knows the importance of this type of area rug pad.

The secondary purpose of an area rug pad is to provide an extra bit of cushion to your area rugs. This cushion is great for hard floors, since many types of area rugs and throw rugs are thin and not likely to provide too much comfort and cushioning on their own accord. Keep in mind that you should be careful to choose an area rug pad that properly fits the size of your area rug in addition to being custom made for the specific type of flooring in your home.



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